Resourceful. Experienced. Disciplined. Accountable.

CMP Management - An Association Management Company

Inspiring non-profit, professional societies and trade associations to new levels.

We understand the challenges and opportunities you face daily, and we have solutions that help your association navigate your business while staying focused on your mission.

Why CMP Management?

A trusted partner since 2003, CMP Management is committed to helping associations through collaboration, strategic leadership, and providing the infrastructure needed to foster growth. We offer full-service management, event management and consulting to help the vision you have for your association become reality.

CMP Management is located in Austin, Texas. We are proud to be the only AMCI accredited association management company in Texas.

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Why Use An AMC?

Success for AMCs is completely contingent upon the successes they achieve for the associations they manage. That’s why you’ll find that AMC professionals are passionate about what they do on your behalf. At every level, AMC professionals are committed to your vision, your mission, your membership. They also concentrate on optimizing efficiencies, streamlining expenditures and keeping the organization on track toward long-term growth and achievement. 

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Are You Ready?

Your organization has strong leaders, but they’re overwhelmed. You have thought, “What could we do if we had a staff?” You envision events that move your organization to the next level. You know who your members could be, you just don’t have the time/tools to reach them. Your board is eager for the strategic, but mired in administration. You have a clear vision, but you struggle with execution. Are you good, but you want to be great?

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