CMP Management: An Accredited Professional Association Management Company (AMC)

We provide chapters of professional societies association management services ensuring that our clients have the infrastructure they need to foster growth.  We believe this is accomplished through two primary means: vision management and strategic engagement.

Vision Management: Visualize the plan... Craft the plan...

Strategic Engagement: Engage your volunteers... Use the plan...

This simple recipe for success delivers results.

Vision Management

Having a plan is a must. How will you know if you've arrived if you don't have a destination in mind?  

Organizations that invest the time to craft their vision and map the plan, thrive and grow.  Organizations that do this regularly, excel.  

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Strategic Engagement

Once the plan is developed, it must be used.  How will you get to your destination if you don't use a map? 

Organizations that incorporate the use of their plan into their regular operating practices outperform those that don't at a rate of 2-to-1.

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