Professional Association Management Services

You have a vision for your organization. We translate that vision into reality.

The CMP Management team frees you from the deluge of administrative tasks, paperwork, and the pressure of recruiting, training, and supervising staff. We offer stability and continuity in an environment where volunteer service is limited.  We pool valuable resources and provide a virtual office, freeing you from the expense of a physical location. 

Here are some of the services we offer:


Executive Management 

  • Planning and leading activities to achieve the goals of the organization
  • Stewarding operating budgets
  • Developing marketing and business plans
  • Serving as spokesperson and establishing relationships with stakeholders to further the organization's mission

Membership Services

  • Developing membership recruiting programs
  • Developing membership marketing campaigns
  • Administration of membership accounts, logins, groups
  • Processing new member applications
  • Processing membership renewals

Financial Management & Administration

  • Processing payables and receivables
  • Preparing the annual association budget
  • Preparing records for filing of 990
  • Preparing records for annual review/audit
  • Providing telephone answering and voicemail service
  • Providing mail services
  • Providing e-mail services
  • Providing storage 

Meeting Facilitation

  • Strategic Planning
  • Board and Committee meetings including production and distribution of the agenda and distribution of the minutes
  • Providing Meeting hosting facilities both virtual (Go To Meeting, Webinars) and physical in our Board Room

Web Site Content Management

  • Developing and designing web site content and pages
  • Maintaining and updating general pages
  • Overseeing web site enhancements / improvements
  • Building event sites and online registration
  • Forum management