Vision Management: Our Approach to Strategic Engagement





A strong Board of Directors is vital to your association's long-term growth and success. The Board lead's the organization through their inspiration, energy, and ability to take initiative. The fluid nature of nonprofit leadership, generally volunteer board directors with limited terms, can lead to costly downtime and interruptions to vital operations.

CMP Management provides continuity through the years to ensure critical knowledge, goals, and initiatives are maintained. Our experience and insight provides active leadership to keep your organization moving forward while your leaders devote more time to vision and execution.

Effectively forecasting, strategizing and planning an association's future requires broad-based experience in association management.  Strategic thinking and creativity are strong suits of association executives.  Experience leading associations in times of adversity and prosperity contribute to this ability to see past the current storm and lead into the future. Our team is expert in all strategic and tactical elements of associations and can provide insightful analysis and guidance. Our professionals help associations fully evaluate their current situation and resources to anticipate and plan for change, and ultimately, realize their potential.

Annual and multi-year plans are essential to almost all associations as they assist an organization's elected leadership and staff in establishing common goals and expectations and provide a benchmark for measuring accomplishments.

Our professionals are skilled facilitators and possess high levels of business acumen. They are well trained to lead and execute valuable planning sessions and provide other consulting services.