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Can CMP Management adapt to our organization's culture? Will we lose the “personal touch” that members appreciate?

Our staff functions very much like a staff that is directly employed. We learn about your organization and issues. We care about your mission and members. And we come to work every day hoping to contribute and make a difference. CMP Management is in the business of building your business.

How long before CMP Management can be effective for my organization?

Our model is built on the concept of experienced staff, proven practices and shared resources. Because we have experience working with multiple associations and nonprofits, our experience and knowledge base is broad and substantial. We bring that experience to your organization's programs, meetings, publications and general operation from day one.

Will my association be able to maintain its identity after partnering with CMP Management? Will members of my organization notice a difference?

The successful transition of your organization's operations is a critical component in the long-term success of our partnership. The transition strategy and implementation will be developed with guidance from association leaders to strike the right notes with volunteers, members and staff members to ensure a smooth and seamless transition.

What kind of specialists will we have access to?

CMP Management offers the complete range of services required by today's nonprofits. While many of our services are in house, we have longstanding relationships with outside specialists to complete our offerings. Services available include all aspects of executive and strategic management, administration, membership, education, accreditation, meeting and convention management, finance, marketing, communications, standards, government relations, information systems, web services, mailroom and reception.

How can shared resources across CMP Management benefit my association?

CMP Management provides cost-effective solutions to staffing, equipment, facilities, budget considerations and more. Overhead costs are shared across our clients, providing access to better facilities, technology, training and resources than an organization could afford on its own. Your association can “plug in” immediately to the newest and most efficient software and hardware available, instantly boosting the level of service you provide to your members. No need to worry about upgrades, training or maintenance.

Beyond shared resources, does CMP Management share ideas and solutions among your associations?

Sharing ideas and experiences is one of the great benefits of working with an AMC. Because we work with multiple clients, we can develop best practices and standards based on the collected experience of our staff members and clients. That leaves us more time to develop custom programs and solutions for your organization that are based on what really works.

How can partnering with CMP Management benefit my board?

By outsourcing functional areas to CMP Management, board members and executives are freed up to concentrate on strategic initiatives. Association boards are best utilized when they are making strategic management and policy decisions related to their field and scope of practice. HR is a headache; the issues of employment compensation, benefits, withholding tax, continuing education, hiring and firing drain valuable time and energy from the board.

When does it make sense for us to consider CMP Management for our association?

As a non-profit association company grows, it increasingly needs more resources. Growing associations need people to successfully manage member recruitment, retention and communication activities; to work more closely with vendors, government agencies or other key partners; to plan and carry out the detailed logistics of cornerstone events like annual meetings, tradeshows and conferences. Left solely to volunteers with limited time or inadequate expertise, critical tasks may be delayed, ignored or poorly executed. That, in turn, can undermine the association's mission and objectives.

One solution is to hire full- or part-time personnel to focus on certain areas. But depending on the organization's financial resources and level of need, that may be impractical or insufficient. Someone brought on to help manage the association's finances, for instance, may not have the experience or skills to also plan the annual conference or manage a member recruitment program. Staffing all of those areas of need is likely fiscally unfeasible for many associations.

Hiring CMP Management is a cost-effective, results-producing option. The economies of scale gained through the use of an independent firm can more than justify the investment, while your Board of Directors are freed to concentrate on furthering your association's mission.


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