CMP Management's Non-Profit Operating System

We translate vision into reality so non-profits profit. With a focus on the bottom line, careful attention to details, diligence in tracking association projects and consistently measuring progress against goals and objectives, we help your association grow.

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Productive Use of Board Members' Time

High-Caliber Leadership, Insight and Discipline 

Time volunteered by association leaders is a precious commodity. With CMP Management, association boards of directors do not deal with administrative tasks such as staff turnover, payroll, benefits, insurance, capital expenditures and leases. Elected leaders are free to focus their energies on vision, policy, strategy and leadership.

We are association professionals equipped to handle both the daily administration and the long-term strategic planning for our clients. Our clients gain an immediate understanding of association best practices, time tested operational frameworks, efficiency standards and strong financial and operational disciplines that normally take years of experience to gain.  

Distinct and Separate Identity

Expert and Efficient Support for
Programs & Services

CMP Management maintains separate bank accounts, databases, contracts and promotions for each client association. Additionally, CMP Management provides each client with a tailored level of personalized service to best suit their needs, including dedicated phone lines, mailing and email addresses.

CMP Management associations have access to experts to fill specific needs, but the association pays only for the time those experts are needed. Specialists are available to association clients on a full time basis without the burden of managing full-time employees.

Checks and Balances

Operations Manuals

In volunteer-run organizations, it's not unusual for key tasks to remain undone because of confusion over areas of responsibility. To prevent that, CMP Management develops checks and balances for all our systems to ensure that all aspects of an association's operations are carried out and documented. 

For every board member we create a comprehensive "operations manual" that defines the duties of their position and their key dates. This helps ensure new members transition into their roles smoothly and effectively. As a result, they spend less time learning the demands of the new position and more time furthering the causes of the association.

Systems-Based Management

Customized to fit the needs of each individual client, our client systems are designed to grow with an organization and are a valuable tool for helping any association make the best use of its time, talent and resources.

Associations are led by energetic and altruistic volunteers, and each new director brings fresh new ideas and inspiration. But that revitalization comes at a price, as directors exiting take with them valuable lessons learned and experience gained. The time it takes new directors to "re-learn" that knowledge often has tangible consequences: lost time, unnecessary effort, inefficient use of resources, even costly mistakes that hamper growth. 

With our unique systems-based management style, we help make the transitions as seamless and efficient as possible and alleviate the strain of transitioning board members.

In addition, by documenting every action we take on behalf of our clients, we provide not only transparency into all of our association management services, but we also create a lasting "systems road map" that helps reduce organizational inefficiencies, lower unnecessary costs and streamline operations.