TEAM CMP: Passionate people. With purpose.

We come from the nonprofit community – professionally, personally, and sometimes both. We bring passion and purpose [and a whole lot of fun] into the work we do. We’re here to help you be the best you can be. To pursue your goals. To engage your communities. To help you accomplish your mission.

Carolyn Price

Carolyn Price, CAE, President

Fun Fact: Will run for wine and BBQ. 

Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor, Chief Operating Officer

Fun Fact: I tear up when I hear the National Anthem. Every. Single. Time.

Joel Price

Joel Price, Chief Culture Officer

Fun Fact: I took a non-regulation 3-point shot at an NBA game. Result... air ball!

Lindy Jordan

Lindy Jordan, Director of Event Operations

Fun Fact: Austin native who truly bleeds burnt orange - I am one of 12 family members to graduate (spanning 5 decades) from the University of Texas at Austin and counting!

Katie Caldwell

Katie Caldwell, Accounts Payable Director

Fun Fact: I swam with sharks in Bora Bora!

Beverly Carter

Beverly Carter, Communications Director

Fun Fact: I can safely work with bats because I've had all my rabies shots - a total of 8 shots, uhh... maybe 10.

Jenny Davis

Jenny Davis, Event Associate

Fun Fact: The hostess with the mostest… My home has welcomed strangers from 7 US states plus Chile, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Australia & Denmark!

Fargol Farahani

Fargol Farahani, Membership Development Director

Fun Fact: I love exploring different cultures... specifically their food! I collect restaurant menus everywhere I go!

Rene Firsing

Rene Firsing, Association Manager

Fun Fact: Just in my small immediate family, there are 6 different accents from around the world (South African, American, Finnish, Indian, British, Australian) and… I am a huge Manchester United fan!

Grace Foos

Grace Foos, Office Manager

Fun Fact: I have coordinated over 250 weddings, the most recent being my own on 11/11!

Kayla Gonzalez

Kayla Gonzalez, Event Manager

Fun Fact: I'm the kind of gal you want to have around in an emergency: I've saved four people from drowning, including my sister.

Amy Hamand

Amy Hamand, Program Director

Fun Fact: Texan, born and raised. Performed in a country and ballroom dance troupe. I can two-step, waltz, swing, polka, fox trot and tango.

Kirby McThompson

Kirby McThompson, Event Manager

Fun Fact: The unofficial tour guide... I once walked a group across the Zambia/Zimbabwe border just for dinner!

Gaye Markham

Gaye Markham, Client Finance Director

Fun Fact: Reincarnated nomad: I can pick up and move or travel at a moment's notice whether going by car, train or plane... and I love the adventure!

Amber Meiske

Amber Meiske, Event Director

Fun Fact: Happiest when hiking: I once hiked 92 miles through the Scottish Highlands in 7 days!

Emma Merlo

Emma Merlo, Event Associate

Fun Fact: I was a Tour Actor/Director for the Missoula Children's Theater international tour project!

Debbie Peterson

Debbie Peterson, Association Executive

Fun Fact:"The Hills are Alive!" ... look closely at the 40th Anniversary Edition of the Sound of Music and you might see me!

Lydia Rudy

Lydia Rudy, Association Executive

Fun Fact: I’ve won free chicken for a year… twice!

Stephen Shepard

Stephen Shepard, CAE, Association Executive

Fun Fact: An Army Brat who loves to travel. I've moved 22 times, lived in 11 states (TX & VA more than twice), and one foreign country.

Mallory Solis

Mallory Solis, Account Associate

Fun Fact: I’ve read 404 books, gone on 39 scuba dives, and visited 15 countries (9 of which were done solo).